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Top 9 Reasons to Give Up Sugar This Summer!

Now that July is here, it’s time to break out your swimsuit and spend some time in the sun! To lose those last few pounds and boost your energy levels, you probably already know you’ll need to cut back on sugar. For a little extra motivation, keep reading!

1. Weight Gain. Contrary to popular opinion, all calories are not created equal! Calories from sugar have a unique ability to trigger your body’s “fat storage” mode, causing you to gain weight at an alarming rate. For example, when you drink a Dr. Pepper, those calories will immediately find their way onto your midsection, your arms, and even your thighs!

2. Increased Pain. Though scientists don’t fully understand why sugar is so toxic, there’s no question that perpetually high blood sugar can cause a great deal of pain. Though occasional “sugar highs” won’t kill you, they will make you more susceptible to increased discomfort, aches, and pains.

3. Blood Sugar Swings. Refined sugar puts your body on a blood sugar rollercoaster that will thwart your attempts at healthy eating. For example, your morning donut will provide a temporary rush of energy, but will also cause moodiness and irritability later in the day. To feel better, you’ll treat yourself to a soda in the afternoon. The sugar in your soda will keep you up late at night, and the next day you’ll feel like you need another donut!

4. Weakened Immune System. If you’re wondering why you get sick so often, look no further than your pantry. Do you keep sugary sweets in stock? The refined sugar in these products wreaks havoc on the immune system. The ingestion of only 100 grams of refined sugar reduces the immune system’s function by 50% within two hours of eating!

5. Low Energy and Fatigue. Struggling to beat that mid-afternoon slump? Think about what you eat for breakfast. Eating too much sugar stresses your adrenal glands, depleting your energy reserves and making it more difficult to deal with stress throughout the day. This leaves you feeling lethargic, exhausted, and worn down.

6. Adult Acne. Think about your skin as a mirror to your inner health and well-being. If you eat too many sweets, the first place that you’ll see the consequences is on your skin. You may break out with pimples or blackheads, but the message is the same: cut down on sugar!

7. Craving and Addiction. If you think that ice cream is your friend, think again! You crave this type of food because the sugar is addictive and stimulates opioid receptors in your brain – the same receptors stimulated by drugs like heroin!

8. Heart Disease. Though fat gets a bad rap when it comes to heart health, sugar is the real culprit. Too much sugar in your diet damages the pumping mechanism of your heart. Sugar also causes high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and high triglycerides – three major risk factors for cardiac arrest!

9. Inflammation. Having too much sugar in your bloodstream wreaks havoc on all of the tissues of your body, causing widespread inflammation and cell damage. This can lead to a variety of life-altering degenerative diseases ranging from Alzheimer’s to neuropathy! Do yourself a favor and cut sugar out of your diet this summer. Your body will thank you.


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